Marguerite Reid Memorial Highland Dance Workshop - Show Your Passion for Highland Dance!
2018 General Weekend Schedule of Events
*Schedule subject to change

Friday Evening 
- 4pm - Competition Organizer's Meeting
- 6pm - Competition begins with the Primaries, followed by Solo, Duet and Group 
   Choreography - located in Freedom Ballroom

            Choreography Time Requirements:
                                       Solo and Duet: not to exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds
                                                    Group: not to exceed 2 minutes       
                  **ALL MUSIC MUST BE EMAILED BY JANUARY 27, 2018**
    - 8am - Warm-ups/Conditioning Class with Sandy Gribbin and Laura Delamarter located in Independence Ballroom
    - 8am - BATD Meeting
    - 9am - Workshop Classes with a break for lunch
    - 8:45 am – 9:15 am Consignment sellers check-in (Lower Level)
    - 9:15am – 4pm Consignment Sale (Lower Level Meeting Room)
               PICK-UP'S AT 4:30PM
    - 10am - Parent Session (Lower Level)
    - TBA - Judges Meeting located inside Independence Ballroom. Will start immediately                             following Workshop Classes
    - 7 - 10 pm Ceilidh in Freedom Ballroom - Some special events that night:
          - Golden Ghillies Competition for Dads, Husbands, Brothers, etc
          - Ceilidh dances for all!
    - 9am – Workshop Classes