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Resale Shop

The Resale Shop is BACK in 2025!!

Whether you are looking to sell those outfits that you out grew or a new dancer looking for a new outfit, look your best this upcoming dance season and check out our Resale Shop!
The MRM Workshop Consignment Sale is now the MRM Workshop Resale Shop!


We know many have benefited over the years from the MRM Consignment Sale and we wanted to provide a more simplified and direct process for the selling and buying of gently used outfits. We now have the MRM Workshop Resale Shop.


The Workshop has made available the large Foyer area outside the Freedom Ballrooms on Saturday from 10 am - 3pm for individuals to sell outfits direct to those who may want to buy.


There are some distinct advantages in this new approach.

  • No consignment fee to the Workshop. (Of course the raffle table is also in the Foyer and we appreciate your support of our scholarships).

  • Closer to the dancing rooms which allows for quicker try-ons in between classes.

  • Easier to negotiate a sale.

  • Direct and immediate payment, buyer to seller.


Please follow these guidelines for a pleasant experience for all:


There will be a limited amount of space and limited number of racks available so please be considerate of one another.

Dancers may NOT leave class in order to try on outfits. Use the time between class and lunch only!


MRM staff will be in the FOYER area, follow their instructions regarding keeping walkways clear, sharing rack space and not entering classes.


Each school could have a parent take turns monitoring and selling items.


It would be beneficial to have items labeled with size and your name and number (feel free to use our tag printouts).


Sellers alone are responsible for anything they bring into this area. The Workshop and the Crowne Plaza bear no responsibility for anything lost, misplaced or damaged.

Feel free to use our tags and inventory sheets if needed.

Tags linked HEREInventory sheet linked HERE

If you have questions regarding the consignment procedure or using the form please contact us by clicking on the MRM logo below.

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